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From personal needs to consider

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Technology has developed rapidly, and now there are many options for commuting to work. Balance car is one of the more practical and portable means of transport.

Imagine walking on such a cool balance car to work, Dora!

Its speed is much faster than walking, working distance from the subway bus still some distance? It does not matter because it will get you there faster and easier!

Its speed is much faster than walking, working distance from the subway bus still some distance? It does not matter because it will get you there faster and easier!

Then the balance of the car has the value and significance of the purchase?

1. From its practicality and value to consider
As a new type of consumer electronics products, it brings together many of the top technology, including dynamic balance system, advanced transmission system. That's all just amazing, and these techniques will help you not topple your body when you ride your balance car. The excellent drive system drives a person's weight up quickly with just a small volume. Just these technologies, measured by the current market price of about 2000 or so, are worth buying.
From a practical point of view, the balance of the car can indeed improve your life, the general balance of a car charging only about 2 hours, you can drive about 35 km. Green is also environmentally friendly, travel without special extra costs, unlike what motorcycles, but also need to cheer. At least it allows you to go to get off work, do not go so tired.

2. From personal needs to consider
Now many people working in remote cities, most of them live in the city center, but also a short distance from the subway bus. If you need to walk some distance to work, then it is really necessary to buy a balance car. It can help you shorten the time and reduce fatigue. Especially when the weather is hot, with it, you do not have to go sweating profusely. If you do not have such a situation, then the balance car for you is indeed nothing luan use.
The type of balance car:
Single wheel
A single wheel balance car has the advantages of small and portable, anywhere. A similar briefcase size, so you can easily take it to work. But the disadvantage is also more obvious, that is, balance of the two-wheeled balance car, safety is also lower than the two rounds. A single wheel balance car also has a special advantage, its high playability, a single wheel can play a lot of tricks.
Two wheels
KUKUXIA Two wheel balance vehicles. with a stable, comfortable, easy to use and so on. Even if you have never come into contact with such products before, two-wheeled balance car with excellent balance of technology, but also allows you to freewheel and stable driving. Compared to single-wheel balancing vehicles, two-wheeled balancing vehicles are not suitable for use as a means of commuting to work because the two-wheeled balancing vehicle tends to have a longer longitudinal bodywork and encounters some roads or sidewalks that are more difficult to pass. Huge weight is doomed it does not have portability.
Two-wheeled vehicles have this style.
In view of the two-wheeled balance car bulky, non-portability features, so pumpkin bacteria is not recommended to work to choose a two-wheeled balance car.
Should pay attention to purchase: Try not to choose a no-name brand or will have an accidents like the following

Good quality scooter introduce to you:
Please choose our KUKUXIA Scooter. 
Balance the body of the relatively high technical content, the general no-name manufacturers do not have good technology and solutions, production balance car may cut corners, so that users will be some safety hazards. Like a treasure on the balance of the previous car sales, more than 2,000 monthly sales, there are pictures of comments before 6. Pumpkin or advise everyone to buy more time to pay attention to some.2 parameters to be good
There are several more important parameters of the balance car.
The first is the level of waterproof, outdoor use of the road transport equipment is more likely to encounter water or rainy day, waterproof level is very important, because it will determine you can not be used in some scenarios;
The second is the mileage, according to your travel distance to select products;
The third is the highest speed, different products are not the same speed. Speed ​​may be important to some people who want to save time.
3. After sales to understand clearly
This is also very important, buy any one product is to look after the sale and warranty. Put aside the product quality control does not say, sale is very important, it directly affects your experience during use.
Lady KUKUXIA picked several of the most suitable smart balance wheels to recommend to you:
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